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Inspirational Gifts for Loved ones

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Whatever you do, hold on to hope. A tiny thread, woven and twisted, becomes an unbreakable cord. The spark of hope can anchor you through this storm. A beacon to guide and lead you to peaceful shores.

This storm does not define you.

This is not the end of your story.


Our Passion.

We are a family run company that has faced numerous health challenges. We have battled cancer, PNH, heart disease and more. We have walked through dark times and understand the season you and your loved ones may go through.

Each storm brings its own difficulties.

Depression. Panic. Isolation. Worry. Loneliness. Fear.

You are not alone.

During these seasons we have often questioned:

               “How can we help?”

                         “What can we do?”

                                   ”What can we give?”


Our family could not have endured without hope. Without knowing that we were not alone. Surrounded by loved ones who walked through dark times with us. Together.


These gifts of hope are a reminder to those struggling with a new diagnosis or in the midst of their fight. That they are not alone. These gifts are a symbol of love and encouragement to continue. To walk through the storm, clinging to hope in the darkest of times.

Your gift is a reminder that you are walking this season with them. We want you to be a beacon of hope. We want our loved ones to know they are not alone.

There are countless struggles in the midst of battling a disease. At times, many fear there will not be an end to the storm. Hope can feel distant. Impossible. Yet, gentle words on a card or a small gift can bring our loved ones out of despair. Providing strength and courage to those we love as they carry a symbol of hope with them. 

"I will never forget walking with a cancer patient as she held onto a gift from her daughter. She described it as her token of hope. She held onto it, as a reminder that she is loved and to keep fighting. Her hope inspired me to keep going in my own battle with cancer.”

                   -Richard M.

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